Business English

Course books for Oxford University Press

International Express, Interactive Editions: Upper-Intermediate: Student’s Pack

publication date: 2007 | ISBN-13: 978-0194597395

International Express combines general English with business situations, giving students the social and functional English they need to work, travel, and socialize. The balance of general and business English is suitable for those who need to interact in a variety of situations both in and out of the workplace.

Business Vision: Student’s Book

publication date: Feb 2002| ISBN-13: 978-1904720003

A contemporary, highly practical language course for professional adults. The book offers an intelligent and logical approach to teaching adults business english with organised and interesting lessons. This book is part of a series that contains:

  • grammar syllabus gives students the structured language input they need to improve confidence and competence
  • up-to-the-minute content from popular business literature and personalities from cutting-edge companies provide the basis for stimulating activities
  • skills work covers communication techniques as well as functional language
  • listening skills and pronunciation syllabus to improve students’ ability to understand natural speech
  • a complete e-mail writing course and tips and discussion on handling mobile phones, the Internet and other technologies

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Business Options: Student Bookpublication date: 1999 | ISBN-13: 978-0194572347Business Options completes Oxford’s series of business English courses and is suitable for professional people from all areas of business, particularly those functioning in an international environment. It is aimed at business people who already have a good working knowledge of the language, but who lack confidence when they are required to step outside their own professional area. Each of the 14 units is based around a theme, such as Performance and Trade, as a means of focusing on real business situations. These include formal scenarios inside the workplace, as well as more informal exchanges in social settings. A strong feature of the material is its attention to social and cultural awareness, often the most difficult area for students at this level.

  • 14 free-standing, theme-based units
  • clear grammar summary at the back of the book
  • files for information gap and extra activities included in a separate appendix
  • tapescripts of the listening passages

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